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Poor kitty!

My India, the kitty in the icon, has hurt her foot.  We took her to the vet because she wouldn't put her foot down on the floor, and had a yellow streak down her fur along her foot.  We thought maybe she'd been bitten in a tussle with Deja.

The yellow streak wasn't pus, thank goodness.  The vet thinks she may have vomited, and it's the cleanup.

She's overnight at the vet, because the vet stayed late to see India, and while she wanted an X-ray, the machine was already off for the night.  I also think (although she did not say) that since pets often must be sedated for the pictures, my vet did not want to leave a freshly sedated pet alone at night.

She was afraid, and cuddled and clung to me, which is out of character for my usually bold and exploratory cat.  It was odd to have the cat who usually stays near, but not on me cuddled so closely in my lap, purring nervously.  She was also so "good" that she didn't react much for the vet to know where it was she was hurt during the exam.  India leaned into me, and was actually pretty cooperative with the doctor.

I held my darling, and felt guilty as anything to leave her in the cage in the scary place.  But I know they'll take care of my baby.  I've had the same vet for over twenty years.

Meanwhile, at home, Deja is sprawled on her back with all four paws in the air, purring like mad.  Her nemesis is away, and so she's kicking back and relaxing.  Little does she note the glowing red eyes of Harley, keeping close track of her every move from the shadows. 

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