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Marcon Managed

I went to my local SF convention, Marcon.  It being Easter weekend, the turnout was quite low, but it was nice to see many friends.  And, in March, which if I remember, is one of the reasons Marcon got it's name oh, so MANY years ago before moving to Memorial Day.  Next year, it will be over Mother's Day in May, which will be closer to "normal" time for the con for me in my head.  It will also give me more spoons to deal with my students at school in their final month before summer vacation!

My buddy Sonia drove me there, and back again, and escorted me about hither and yon.  Her husband Michael Hanes was on a couple of writing panels as a newly published local writer!  I am a bit delighted to note that the calves of my legs are sore from walking about, being a different place to ache a little other than my surgery sites!

I signed Toyboat's Guest of Honor concert.  It was a matter of personal pride for me, because I *always* sign the GOH concert at this, one of my two "home" concerts (the other being the Ohio Valley Filk Festival.)  I haven't missed in over fifteen years, maybe even as long as twenty years.  Last year, I had expected to be away for Easter, and when my mom came to us instead, I dragged her to the con on Saturday, and signed Erica Neely's concert before going off to family stuff again.  This year, recovering from surgery, I knew I had limited spoons, and so I only came on Saturday, and used my spoons to do something I loved.

I was less, well, *bouncy* than usual.  Looking at clips that Teresa put up on FaceBook, I still got the essential bits, though!  "Zombie Mama" was fun, and "This Island Earth" done to the "Time Warp" busted me UP!  The energy from the music and stage carried us all smoothly through to the end, and I had a lovely time.  It made me *so* happy to be able to perform, and with such awesome folks!  Gundo joked that they were just the backup band for me.

And then, I actually followed through on my intentions to take it easy.  It was So. Hard. to not sign Tom Smith's concert after!  (And I wanted to, so much, but I do want to get better.)  I apologized to Tom, who already understood completely.

I did a lot of sitting in the Art Show, after, and did a circuit of the dealer's room.  Dinner was Subway, and some nice dinner fillings at the ConSuite.  I got to tell a couple of people how important small things they have been doing have been to me of late, too.

Tom led a sing-along of all those songs and jingles we knew as kids for us to do together.  It served as a stand-in filk circle for me, because it felt *so* late (8:30 P.M.) by then.  Things like "Rainbow Connection," and "Davy Crockett," and many television theme songs.  The smiles around the room were wonderful.  It was good to see so many of my filking friends.

The hugs and support I got Saturday went a long way toward cheering me up and getting rid of the stuck-in-the-house stir crazies.  And I feel more of myself.
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