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Most Dangerous Game Lesson

I've been doing my start-of-the-year survival unit.  It has stories in it in which people die (Welcome to high school; the stories just got real.)  Having read the story "Most Dangerous Game," I'm having the students view the 1932 film starring Faye Wray, Joel McCrea, and Leslie Banks to do a compare/contrast with decisions in how Zaroff's evil is revealed/foreshadowed in the plot.

So, in the film, Eve Trawbridge and Bob Rainsford have gone into the trophy room, in which they find human heads on the wall, showing that Zaroff kills.  The bad guy enters, so they hide, and Eve bumps into a large glass container, sloshing a head around.  One of my students said at this point, "That must be a jarring experience."  (I'm really going to get along with him.)

Also in the film, there is a character, Eve's brother, who is a silly, simple, drunken man.  His role is to get shot by Zaroff, so we know that the heads aren't fake; the bad guy really is a psychopathic serial killer.  As one of my classes was leaving, a student remarked, "And that is why it is important to be sober before you give consent."
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