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ConSonance Saturday

Saturday was busy, busy.

When I got up (late, I love how the convention starts after noon so I could sleep enough after staying up late), I had brekkies with Lynn Gold at the hotel buffet.  I figured I'd better have a "real" meal with plenty of proteins to balance out my carbs, so I'd last out the whole afternoon concert schedule.

I listened with pleasure to Sibylle Machat's concert, and I have a mental note to get her song about terms for firing people, because it was so laugh out loud funny.  I also really want her spider in the tub song.

I also loved Brooke Lunderville's concert, and her kewl concert duds, too.  She had a couple of new songs I hadn't heard yet, and they (and she) were awesome.

Interfilk guest Chris O'Shea was excellent as well.  As charming and funny on stage as he was at breakfast.

The Interfilk auction was fun.  At one point, there was an auction for concerts from the previous year's programming, and all five concerts were up for bid at once, so each time there was a higher bid, all the runners had to shift where their numbers one through five were hovering over.  I had to run around following Kathleen Sloan, who was running around with a different number, providing much amusement.

Howard the videographer had given me a DVD copy of my concert, and I suggested we donate it to Interfilk, since I don't have anything out there except for stuff others have posted on You Tube.  Dr. Mary Crowell did the same for her concert that I'd signed, too.  Hers went for $160, and mine for $220!!!!  I was astonished.  And gratified.  A very Sally Fields moment, really.

I went out to a lovely Indian supper with the Bohnhoffs and Bill and Carol (Laubenheimer?) (I fixate on the "Laub" part of their name, as that was my maiden name, apologies if I messed it up....)  and their houseguest, whose name escapes me at home in Ohio.  Excellent conversations.  I had to *run* to get back in time to announce the evening concerts, in a corset.  A number of "mundane" men grinned at me *very* widely as I bounced past them.  I saw one wife hit her husband as I went by, which was gratifying on two levels.

The International GoHs were Ju Honisch and Katy Droege-MacDonald.  They were much fun.  I asked if I could sign the Helen of Troy song ("Face That Launched One Thousand Ships"?) and they graciously let me.

I did sign for the entire other GoH concert -- Tricky Pixie, with Alexander James Adams, Sooj Tucker and cellist Betsy Tinney (and sometimes vixy.)  OMG!  They are so rockin' and so kewl and so awesome, with such AMAZING songs!  I felt such joy signing their stuff! 

I did have a big, long, bad bit during the concert, in which a horrid, awful tickle cough in my throat would *not* go away from the very start of one of their songs - "Tam Lin," a TWELVE minute ballad.  Drinking water in the middle of the song did not help.  I strangled through as best I could, and burst out coughing at the end of the song, so hard and so long that I got a bit dizzy.  Poor Kristoph, at the side of the stage by his sound gear, looked up at me with horror, hands half on his sound equipment, half ready to catch me if I fell on him/the soundboards.  (I think he may have been remembering that Erica fell off the stage last year and hurt her foot.)  His look of bug-eyed concern made me kneel down by the table, so I could crumple to the stage instead of off of it if I really keeled over.  A very kind person from the audience delivered a numbing cough drop that totally took care of my throat for the rest of the concert.  Bless him!  (Wes Crowell mentioned later that he was so glad it was so easily solved, as whenever something medical happens, everyone looks at him and Kathleen to fix it, and people were starting to give him hintful looks.)

At the end of the Tricky Pixie concert, Seanan appeared in the front of the stage, looking a little concerned.  I used her shoulder to help step down, and sat down hard  on the edge of the stage, trembling.  Seanan asked if I was okay, and Callie came over, too.  When I started crying because "y'all are so nice to me," I realized that despite my huge Indian super carbohydrate blowout meal, I'd burned off so much energy during Tricky Pixie, I was low blood sugar.  Callie donated trail mix, and Seanan Girardelli chocolate, and Wes Crowell water, and I managed to get back to my room for snacks, and a shower.  My blood sugar went from 90 in the room testing before snacks, and 130 after.  (And bless John and Chris O'Halloran for the guest goody bag with the cashew bars and oranges - they were perfect for this blood sugar thing.)

I was all fired up and ready for Open Filk.  I sat near Juliana and Cindy, and had a wonderful time.  I ended up going to bed at 4:30.  Kathy Mar gave a smile of disappointment - I think she was hoping I'd make the Filker endurance thing she pulls with the filk til breakfast thing she does, since I'd lasted til so late.  Or maybe I'm projecting that, because I thought about doing that, and didn't.

Callie heard a flute part to "Circle Farewell" in her head, and asked if she could try it out.  After a couple of run throughs, we played it in the Open filk together.  This is a major, exciting highlight of happiness of the entire con for me, as this is the first time someone has picked out something *I* do to collaborate on.  (As opposed to songs someone else has written and that I've purposely practised ahead of time for, like the songs I do with Juliana.)  It made me so happy!

The only problem I had, was that the cough/sore throat I'd sort of had was getting more noticeable.  I had to take NyQuil to get to sleep, and missed my DH and wanted to cuddle with him as I coughed to sleep.  Yet all in all, a very satisfying, gratifying day.  Many people came up to tell me how much they enjoyed my signing.



Mar. 10th, 2010 03:48 am (UTC)
Names and things
Carole posted a "military reporter" styled review that not only includes a review of your concert, it also has the names that you were trying to bring to mind about that dinner. Excerpts below.

For Interfilk videos - it's Harold, not Howard. (And then there is Howeird, who had a CD auctioned for Interfilk, and who takes still pictures....) Not to worry, after all the great performing you did this weekend you should be exhausted for the next month. Hmmmm, to preserve ASL, maybe we should teach it as the Next Big Thing In Aerobic Exercise and open frachises and all get rich. (But seriously, I'm sure ConSonance has NEVER had a guest work so hard all weekend!)

And while the amount your DVD brought in may be a big surprise to you, I don't think either myself or Kathleen Sloan (running the auction) was surprised. (Pleased, yes. Surprised, no.) You bring something both pleasureable and unique to the performances, and video is the only way to appreciate it. The bidders knew that this was a Really Special Item.

Just to put down in a bit more permanent form what I mentioned in person: While I don't put anything I record up on the web, when I give a performer a copy of their performance it includes my permission (only as videographer, of course) for THEM to put it up if THEY want to. I don't think you'd have to twist arms very hard to get you fellow performers to give permissions.... I'll specifically mention that if you want to make a few more copies for future Interfilk Auctions (wherever they might be), that's fine with me. Heck, if you want to "have something out there" by selling copies commercially I'd be all for it (but on something like that you'd really need to get all the permissions, copyright info and so on in writing).


A review that will be appearing in SFSF with photographs by Howeird. I thought people might enjoy. Please spread around to appropriate individuals and lists. Until later-- Carole

Fremont Invasion
by Carole Parker


Friday's campaign started off with a concert from Alabama operations center specialist, Mary Crowell, whose southern warmth and humor had everyone settling in their seats. Ohio operations sent toastmistress Judi Miller to continue the campaign with songs that moved audience members, and signing songs by numerous field marshals. Civilians have to understand that the signing that Miller does is no ordinary signing for the deaf. Her interpretations not only inform to get the idea across, but they're funny, too. Many performers have been broken up by Miller's signing of their song to the point where they cannot look at her and perform at the same time. They've found that it doesn't work, but they hear people laughing at Miller's signing - even though the majority of people do not know ASL.


This reporter was able to share an Indian dinner with Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff, Carolyn Kayta Barrows, Bill Laubenheimer, and Miller to get additional reconnaissance information. Reconnaissance shows that the Bohnhoffs will be releasing their next CD at FilkOntario.